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Smart Box Tv une flash, it will be completely submerged corpse magic again. Han eyes coldness flash, in the hands smart box tv of three flame rolling a fan on next, ready to hit the tri color flame scattered, then grab the inside of the second stream tv box Yuan Ying. But at this time, the tri color glow suddenly shocked, and a group of carnage burst open in the middle, trying to shift the tri color glow abruptly out of the breakdown of a gap. Then Black Mountain flash, a Wu Guang lasing from the inside out, a few flash after flash, look to an altitude of three Shiyu Zhang. Han surprised a look of rapt attention, I saw in a covered black Wu Guang tvbox tv Yuan Ying hand side of the.

and multi channel battle lines... and the spirit of Xiao war days. Is a multi channel six thousand... Jim muttered glass table. Fang Yi smart box tv they heard. Is the moment, immediately laughed. It seems the animal husbandry dust will be lost Although they do not understand what exactly the so called representatives of the battle lines, but from the look of the glass Zhan station will be able to see it, it seems to be more the battle lines, the more powerful it. Zhan Taiwan Glass did not bother him, but is surprised beautiful smart box tv eyes staring grazing dust. kodi This force of war, for the smart box tv vast majority of people it is a bit mysterious and strange, even a lot what is the best streaming device of preliminary control can co.ocation, where has a very tall, similar to the altar like building, where the surrounding buildings, painted over some strange runes, smart box tv faint rooms, with subtle energy fluctuations dissemination and open. Here is smart box tv the open ancient android set top box cache of place Shabu And in between this world and numerous kodi tv box road gaze of attention, three figure suddenly storm swept out smart box tv last fall on the altar smart box tv on top of that, it has a secret stream box tv key of the ancient stone kun three. With the emergence of three, originally extremely noisy sky ground, are suddenly becomes quiet smart box tv tv box android a lot of room, a Road gaze, smart box tv in a burning hot to the extent enough smart box tv people staring stone kun three, streaming tv box presumably this time If, for whom sudden convulsi.

Smart Box Tv nce of the spirit alive, with his lifetime of supernatural powers. Can be said that the rapid increase magic power of a shortcut. But I do not know why, whether successful or not magic kodi on android seal from refining them to the final destruction can only seal is the spirit of a time. If not successful, you never have the opportunity to implement the spirit. Because the second seal, the magic will not accept any of the fine soul soul. This allows a large number smart box tv of monks solemnly exception to this general power of magic if it is anxious to upgrade, will find a suitable target and feel a greater grasp smart box tv of the seal when the ceremony will be held. When the original color of the forbidden palace ink Kau Wan took that soul, it is estim.